Dienstag, 2. Juni 2015

Kitty Hawk - Outer Banks

After a long trip we finally arrived at around 6 p.m at the airport in Norfolk where Jim already waited to pick us up !!!

taken by Jim at Quest
Two more hours drive and we got to Kill Devils Hills where we just checked in at Cavalier and felt asleep....

This way we got up before sunrise and enjoyed it at the beach ....

Today we went to the airfield where Kitty Hawk Kites have their Dragonfly and all the gliders - also found Jamies new one - :-)    But at the airstrip were very raft conditions because of the strong East wind... so no flying ....  the idea was born to go out there tomorrow very early and tow the tandem glider back to Cotton Gin b Dragonfly ....   alright :-)

So we went back to the dunes to see if its flyable there..

We also got some flights in the Dragonfly 

Wright Brothers Memorial

Rhythm of flight visited the Cotton Gin

A big house and so alive

Today we decided to hope on a bike and drive down south... it was a nice ride, unfortunately  a lot of traffic down there and really really hot air.. we couldn't feel the sun on our skin of course but we already regret the nearly naked ride - we all are shining lighter than the lighthouse we just visited ..

Early morning out on the sea ... maybe we will see some dolphins

Visit the Wright Brothers Museum - First in Flight